Mailbox - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013



(Developed by Orchestra Inc.)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

If your inbox qualifies as a federal disaster area, clean it up with Mailbox, which vows to radically transform how consumers interact with the seemingly never-ending deluge of email overtaking our lives.

Unlike most mobile email management apps, Mailbox was designed for smartphones from the ground up, exploiting touchscreen interfaces to simplify inbox organization. Users can swipe messages to their archive or trash, scan an entire conversation in one fell swoop or via chat-like interface or hit the "snooze" button to file a message away for later. Once a message has received your full attention, you can check it off like a completed task--in effect, it's the to-do list principle applied to email, and it works like a charm.

Mailbox connects with the cloud to keep your inbox current and secure, and users may also set up push notifications when new messages arrive. It's not quite perfect, however: For now, the app is limited to Google's Gmail and Apple's iOS, although developer Orchestra promises to support other messaging service and mobile operating systems in the future. Despite those limitations, it's obvious that traditional inboxes are on the way out and Mailbox is what's in.