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(Developed by Momondo)
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Momondo is a travel search engine website that aggregates flight, hotel and car rental information from a variety of other sources. Momondo the app brings the convenience of the search engine to your phone, making it easier to book travel on the go with no added booking fees.

Here's how it works: users can search more than 800 travel sites for flights in their native currency. Once a user has selected a flight, for example, he can book the trip directly from the app, save the flight information for later or email it to himself or a friend.

Users can narrow their search options by a variety of factors including time of day, airline, airport and stops, as well as sort by price departure and duration of flight. Earlier this month, Momondo updated its signature app to be compatible with iOS 6 and added passenger selection options.

However: The app does not offer notifications for changes in flight prices, so users will have to check saved flights to see if fares change. The app is also only limited to flights, despite the fact that the website also aggregates hotel and car rental information. 

If you're looking for a flight tracking app, which is outside of Momondo's purview, consider FlightView Free (iOS, Android), as neither app has both functions.