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Money for iPhone

Money for iPhone/Money for iPad
(Developed by Jumsoft)
Available for: iPhone, iPad
Price: $1.99, $4.99

If there's one type of app you should be willing to pay for, it's one to manage your finances. That said, Jumsoft's Money for iPhone and Money for iPad apps offer an affordable way to manage expenses and stick to a budget.

Money has the simplicity of free services like Mint but users have a lot more control over their settings with Money. For one, the app touts some special features like multiple currency options and setting scheduled, repeated transactions (e.g. rent, cable). This eliminates the need to manually input a fixed bill every month. 

The app also provides charts illustrating the breakdown of a user's expenses. Money users can also manage multiple accounts to separate business and personal expenses. The app also syncs with the Money app for the desktop.

However: Money is only available for Apple-compatible devices. For Android users, Mint is still a good option, and is free. In addition, if you're using multiple Apple devices, you'll need to purchase a separate app for the iPhone, the iPad and for Macs.