News - Mobile App Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Our three favorites:

(Developed by Newzstand Corp.)
Available for: iPad
Release: September
Price: Free

NewzSocial is a different kind of newsreader application. Instead of relying on the kinds of editorial curation tools and algorithm-based recommendations that power rival apps, it enables users to create and customize their own feeds across a host of broad and niche subjects--even better, you can add your friends' feeds, relying on their taste and expertise to learn about the topics that matter most to them. NewzSocial ships with more than 300 subject-centric news streams (a.k.a. "channels") spanning more than a dozen categories; users also can create their own channels dedicated to any topic they wish to follow. NewzSocial constantly updates each channel with new content from a range of media sources, presenting each article in a magazine-like format. When you find an article you want to bookmark and recommend, add it to your 'My Likes' folder. You can also follow Likes across your friends' feeds to see what they're reading.

(Developed by Idea Shower)
Available for: iOSAndroid 
Release: 2007
Price: Free 

Previously known as Read It Later, Pocket enables users to store news articles, video clips and webpages for future access. Content may be cherrypicked directly from the browser or saved from any of more than 300 other apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse, and Zite; once something is in Pocket, you can read or view it anywhere and anytime, regardless of whether your device is connected to the Internet. A bevy of content management, sharing and filtering tools further improve the experience, helping explain why Pocket users save a million magazine articles, YouTube videos, recipes and wishlist items every day.

wider imageThe Wider Image
(Developed by Thomson Reuters)
Available for: iPad
Release: October
Price: Free

The Wider Image signals the birth of a new kind of photojournalism, expanding beyond traditional still images to offer readers an interactive, multimedia-enabled perspective into the headlines shaping today's world. Developed by news agency Reuters, the Wider Image assembles work from staff photographers across the globe, supplementing each photo with a wealth of contextual information like quotes, maps and audio commentary. In addition to insight on the people and places in each photo, the app touts photographer profiles and commentary, introducing users to the individuals behind the camera as well. With new photos and stories added each day, the Wider Image is poised to become an invaluable resource for anyone interested in current events.