Palm webOS - Mobile UI Advances 2009


While Palm continues to remain tight-lipped about its forthcoming Pre, the first device based on the firm's new webOS mobile operating system, advance reviews of the touchscreen smartphone have been overwhelmingly positive. If the Pre manages to deliver on its hype, webOS could herald a dramatic turning point in the mobile user experience.

Developed expressly for mobile use, webOS promises users a constant connection to the web; its signature feature is Palm Synergy, which Palm says automatically brings together user information like linked contacts, layered calendars and combined messaging into one single, integrated view. WebOS also offers toggling between multiple open applications, customized alerts and a multi-touch UI that Palm says "lets you move easily between activities like flipping through a deck of cards and rearranging items simply by dragging them."  Palm and exclusive carrier partner Sprint recently reiterated their promise that the Pre will hit retail sometime in the first half of 2009--we won't know for sure whether it's a UI breakthrough or bust until then.

Click here to see a Palm Pre UI Demo video...

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