Panna - Best iOS, Android apps of November 2012




(Developed by How 2 Media)
Available for: iPad
Price: Free

Essentially a multimedia hybrid between Cook's Illustrated and cable's Food Network, Panna is a high-definition video magazine optimized for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad and iPad mini, highlighted by step-by-step cooking demonstrations from world-renowned chefs including Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Seamus Mullen, Nancy Silverton, Michael Tusk and Jonathan Waxman.

Designed for home cooks who follow written recipes but welcome advice from professional chefs, each bimonthly issue of Panna features close to three hours of real-time video tutorials filmed in home kitchens and backyard grills, spanning departments including Cooking for Company, Chef's Favorite, Master Class, Weeknight Supper, Fresh Ingredient, Panna Recommends, Classics, Weeknight Meals and Chef's Take. The chefs pepper their technical demonstrations with cooking tips and insights, and users can swipe within the video to repeat steps and instructions.

The Panna app is free to download: The first issue is priced at $5.49, and a one-year subscription is $15.99. However, users can still access one free recipe per issue even if they choose not to upgrade. Consumers also can share recipes via Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter and email, generate shopping lists for preparing each dish, and browse by recipe, chef, issue, meal or keyword. Even if you struggle to make ice cubes, Panna can help make you king or queen of the kitchen.