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Paper by FiftyThree

6Paper by FiftyThree 
(Developed by FiftyThree)
Available for: iPad 
Price: $4.99

Don't be surprised if Paper someday replaces the physical product for which it's named. A must-have tool for professionals in creative fields or anyone else who wishes to document moments of inspiration whenever and wherever they may strike, Paper is essentially a gesture-based, digital version of a Moleskine journal, collecting sketches, diagrams, notes and other ideas and helping bring them to life using a variety of creative tools and interactive technologies.

Paper encompasses four basic creative techniques: Drawing (via virtual fountain pens), sketching (soft lead pencils), outlining (bold markers) and writing (ballpoint pens), bolstered by watercolor washes and customized color combinations. In addition to a trademarked Expressive Ink Engine that supports a range of text and illustration approaches, Paper also leverages the OpenGL software framework to deliver 3D and shadowing effects on par with those found in mobile games. Add the iPad's Retina display to the equation, and Paper images and documents achieve a level of depth and clarity that printed matter simply can't match. Paper also touts features far beyond the realm of conventional notebooks and journals, like social media sharing: Users can stream pages directly to Tumblr, send them via email or post them to Facebook and Twitter. If bold new ideas are your stock in trade, turn the page to Paper.