Photos to Art - Best iOS, Android apps of November 2012


Photos to Art

8Photos to Art 
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Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Improved smartphone cameras and photo filtering apps like Instagram have made skilled photographers of us all: With each innovative hardware upgrade or cool new app, it's getting more and more difficult to distinguish images shot by Diane Arbus from those snapped by some guy who works at Arby's. The problem is that most mobile photos remain stuck on phones or posted to social media profiles, and art belongs on walls, not on websites. Photos to Art solves the problem by giving users the tools to transform their most compelling digital images into physical products they can hang in their home.

Photos to Art integrates with Instagram or the iPhone's Camera Roll--you select the image you wish to immortalize and the presentation format (canvas, wood mounting, poster prints or custom-framed). The app then recommends print sizes appropriate for the resolution of the original photo, and depicts how the finished product will look on your wall to guarantee you're satisfied with the end result. Photos to Art also calculates the final purchase price and offers both domestic and global shipping options. If you've downloaded Instagram to your iPhone, then you should install Photos to Art, too.