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(Developed by Podio)
Available for: iOS, Android
Price: Free

Podio isn't just one app, it's an entire social work platform for project management housed inside one app. Users can share tasks, set meetings and send secure messages within the app. The real benefit, however, lies in the app creation abilities.

Since Podio is geared toward the enterprise, these Podio apps within the app include an array of functions that make it that much easier to work on the go. Podio apps cover an expanse of tasks like handling projects, sales leads and product development. Users can create their own, tailored to their business or choose from hundreds of free apps already available for every vertical from architecture and engineering to real estate and venture capital. The Podio apps are also available in packs grouped by function such as community management, NGO operations or intranet.

You can also share files with co-workers or add content from Google Docs, Dropbox and ShareFile directly into your Podio workspaces. The in-app messaging system simplifies planning meetings by aggregating content from a variety of sources.

However: Some Android users have reported issues logging in to previous iterations of the app.