'Poo Blaster' - most inappropriate iOS, Android apps of 2012


Poo Blaster

Poo Blaster 
(Developed by Immature)

Created by Immature, quite possibly the most aptly named developer in all of Google Play, Poo Blaster traffics in a brand of "Men are filthy pigs" humor that aims even lower than a Tim Allen sitcom.

From the Department of Sentences I Never Thought I'd Write: Poo Blaster challenges gamers to clean a series of befouled toilets by directing a virtual stream of urine at the polluted areas of porcelain. It's unseemly by any measure, but Immature's Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play page further ups the ante/lowers the bar by calling the game a "simulation of how men clean toilets," a notion I'd like to refute on behalf of self-respecting, toilet brush-owning dudes everywhere. Despite Poo Blaster's flawed premise, all hope is not lost: Immature could still remove it from the Android games category and rebrand it as a diet app, since it's guaranteed to make you lose your appetite.