Productivity - Mobile App Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Our three favorites:

ClearClear (Developed by Realmac Software)
Available for: iOS
Released: February
Price: 99 cents

If life were as simple and as well designed as Clear, you wouldn't need Clear to help keep it organized. A revolutionary leap forward for the humble to-do list, Clear is a model of elegance and efficiency, helping users reduce clutter instead of adding to the problem. Developed expressly for the iOS touchscreen interface, Clear leverages interactive gestures like swiping, pulling and pinching, making it a snap to prioritize activities and reminders simply by moving them around. The app supports lists of all kinds--shopping lists, guest lists, movies to watch, books to read, etc.--and color-codes them according to urgency. It's as clean and transparent as its name promises.

Planner PlusPlanner Plus 
(Developed by BlueTags)
Available for: iPad 
Released: September
Price: $4.99

Toss out that leather-bound day planner and step into the digital age with Planner Plus, which borrows the basic journal-style form factor of its analog predecessor but adds a host of interactive enhancements optimized for the iPad. Planner Plus focuses on three primary use cases: Events, tasks and notes. The app syncs with iOS calendars, and users can also add, edit or delete information manually, complete with support for all-day and multi-day events. Planner Plus additionally includes support for recurring tasks and projects as well as sub-tasks--users can determine status and priority for each chore and set reminders. The UI is intuitive, practical and gorgeous, highlighted by color-coding options, easy-to-decipher page layouts and support for both landscape and portrait mode.

(Developed by Intuit)
Available for: iOS
Released: July 2011 
Price: Free

Life is complicated enough--you shouldn't have to download multiple productivity applications to try to make it simpler. Although marketed as a to-do app, Intuit's Weave stitches together complementary project management and financial tracking tools to create a comprehensive, all-in-one productivity solution optimized for most every facet of day-to-day life and work. Weave separates to-do lists into completed and incomplete tasks: Users can add optional notes, due dates and project tags as well as financial data like time spent, money spent and income earned. The app charts progress on each project, indicating how much work remains to be done and how much time is left to wrap it all up. Weave also generates daily alerts as each project closes in on its due date.