Scape - Best Android, iOS apps from 2012



(Developed by Generative Music)
Available for: iPad
Released: October
Price: $5.99

Brian Eno has dedicated more than four decades to revolutionizing how music is created and experienced. Scape, the latest in a series of iOS projects developed in partnership with fellow musician Peter Chilvers, fits squarely within the Eno aesthetic while exploring new interactive principles and possibilities: Equal parts album and application, it offers a series of original compositions designed as building blocks for new, user-generated soundscapes that adhere to randomized rules--or "oblique strategies," if you prefer--known only to Eno and Chilvers.  

Scape presents a collection of programmed elements like colors, symbols and shapes, each with its own unique sonic properties: Some are melodic, some are percussive and others are textural. As users drag the elements together, each reacts in direct response to the other components in the mix as well as the enigmatic, ever-changing rules governing the creative process--Scape additionally boasts buttons that alter the musical key and scale, further guaranteeing that no two compositions are alike. Users also can save Scapes, build their own playlists and share their efforts via email. Conceptually daring and technologically cutting-edge, Scape transforms the process of making music by making it simple, yet keeps its inner workings strange and mysterious--in short, classic Eno.