Serendip - Best Android, iOS apps from January 2013



(Developed by Serendip Media)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

There's good music, there's bad music and there's a whole lot of both--far more than you could ever hear in a lifetime. While the advent of digital streaming services has made it easier than ever to explore what's available, finding new artists in your particular wheelhouse can be like looking for a needle in a haystack (and I don't mean the Velvelettes song, either). Serendip dials you in to new, old and under-the-radar music similar in sound and spirit to the artists you already like, leveraging the social graph to identify listeners who hear the world the same way you do.

Serendip first asks you to log in via Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) or Twitter, then instructs you to create a user profile by entering the names of your favorite recording artists. Once Serendip gets a sense of who you are, it curates continuous playlists based on your existing social media contacts as well as virtual DJs with tastes similar to yours, bringing in content from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. You also can return the favor by sharing your own favorite tracks with the Serendip community.

The more you put into Serendip, the more you get out of it. Typing in artist names can be a time-consuming process, but finding a new favorite song or band makes the extra effort worthwhile. The UI is slick and intuitive, and the addition of video clips and album cover art further enriches the user experience. Whatever kind of music you like, Serendip will turn you on to something else you'll like a lot.