SketchBook Pro


sketchbook pro

SketchBook Pro
By Autodesk Inc.
Available for: iPad, Android
Price: $1.99, $4.99

Tablets are often touted as devices for consumption rather than creation. However, as developers make advancements in mobile technology, creating content on tablets has gotten considerably easier.

For less than the price of a new box of crayons, you can have a digital sketchbook good enough for a professional artist or illustrator. SketchBook Pro is a powerful application for the iPad and Android-enabled tablets. There are also lite versions (SketchBook Mobile) available for the iPhone and Android phones.

The beauty of SketchBook Pro, however, lies in its tablet experience. Users can toggle between using a stylus and using the multi-touch screen to utilize a variety of features and tools. The app is versatile enough to be perfect for a quick doodle or a complex sketch and is capable of making animations and flipbooks.

SketchBook Pro also pairs well with other photo manipulation programs, and graphics can be imported/exported using Photoshop's .psd format. The app excels, in part, due to how it takes the best aspects of art creation and ports them to mobile. In June, Autodesk updated the app to include a palm rest feature, to help prevent unwanted, stray lines while drawing.