Social Networking - Mobile App Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Our three favorites:

(Developed by Banjo)
Available for: iOSAndroid 
Release: June 2011
Price: Free

Banjo integrates content from social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, foursquare and LinkedIn, offering a single panoramic view of what people are doing within your immediate vicinity. You never have to check-in anywhere to access Banjo's crowd-sourced insight into new places to eat, drink and shop in your area. And it's not just a window into what your existing friends and contacts are doing, either: Banjo supplies real-time updates on the mobile social networkers nearest to you at that particular moment, whether you know them or not. It's most effective in big cities--if you live in an area dominated by fast-food restaurants and strip malls, Banjo can't identify cool places that don't exist. But it does accommodate smaller communities by giving users the flexibility to expand their search radius hundreds of miles away. 

(Developed by Sidecar Communications)
Available for: iOSAndroid
Release: May
Price: Free

Sidecar features live video and photo sharing features similar to those found in other social networking apps, but it integrates them directly into voice calling capabilities, dramatically expanding the interactive possibilities of voice communications. Sidecar users can call anyone in the world for free, provided both parties have downloaded the app; they also can call anyone in the U.S. and Canada for free over Wi-Fi, and if the call recipient isn't already a Sidecar user, they'll receive a text explaining how to download the app to their device. Sidecar also boasts the See What I See video feature, which allows users to stream real-time footage of whatever is happening around them, alongside text and rich media messaging, social sharing and presence/location features. For sheer usefulness and range of services, Sidecar is hard to beat.

(Developed by OneLouder)
Available for: iOSAndroid
Release: August 
Price: Free

There are millions of active Twitter users generating millions of tweets per day, so good luck finding what you're looking for. Your odds improve exponentially with Slices, which cuts through the chatter to help both new and longtime Twitter users more efficiently discover content and manage their social media stream. Slices is highlighted by a Twitter directory that divides the platform into 21 browsable, searchable categories to simplify your quest for the individuals, organizations and subjects you want to follow. Users also can organize their timelines customizable mini-feeds, bookmark their favorite accounts or lists for easier access, and sync their mobile Twitter activity with the Slices website to more quickly pick up where you left off. There's even a Live Events stream that curates tweets dedicated to breaking news, live concerts, sporting events and other spectacles as they unfold. It's a triumph of signal over noise.