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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Pro
(Developed by TapFactory)
Available for: iOS
Price: $0.99

Sticky Notes Pro - with Alarms and Bump Sharing has a simple premise. Users can create virtual post-it note reminders that "stick" to the homescreen (even on the locked screen) of their device. Users can set alarms associated with notes, email notes directly from the app and organize notes by category. The app offers a variety of note colors and styles that aid in organization and also includes more than 8,000 colors, textures and backgrounds.

The background feature is an especially useful benefit, allowing the user to post a note with directions to an image of a map directly to his phone screen. Notes can also be used to add supplementary information to calendars. This version of Sticky Notes is also Bump compatible, allowing users to share notes with other Bump users. Notes or note categories with sensitive information can be password protected, as well.

However: This is another iOS-only app, limiting its potential userbase. For Android users, ColorNotepad Notes To Do has many of the same options and settings.