Stow - Best Android, iOS apps from January 2013



(Developed by Apptifica)
Available for: iOS
Price: $1.99

Sooner or later, even the most experienced and organized traveler will forget to pack something important. It's inevitable and it's universal. The plot of Home Aloneis based on this very premise, no less. If you're afraid of leaving behind your toothbrush--or your child--then download Stow, a checklist app designed to help road warriors get wherever they're going with everything they'll need when they arrive.

Before assisting you, Stow asks to know a little bit about who you are--your gender, whether you wear glasses or contacts, and what you consider suitcase essentials, like a first-aid kit or umbrella. The app includes a series of templates designed as starting points for checklists (e.g., business or camping), or lets you build your own templates for trips you take on a regular basis. Once you settle on a template, you can begin adding or deleting items, checking them off once they're packed; Stow also recommends items based on the length of your trip and even makes clothing suggestions based on the weather you're likely to encounter when you reach your destination.

If you're packing for other family members, Stow is set up to support multiple checklists; users also may share lists as spreadsheets via email or send special files that can be opened on other devices with Stow installed. You can even print hard copies. Before you go anywhere else, take a trip to the App Store and purchase Stow.