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Temple Run 2

5Temple Run 2 
(Developed by Imangi Studios)
Available for: iOSAndroid
Price: Free

Arguably no other mobile title has captured the high-octane adventure of Hollywood spectacles like Raiders of the Lost Ark with the accuracy and breathless energy of the original Temple Run. If anything, the game's endless runner formula distills the Indiana Jones mythos to its essence, ignoring character development, romance and other narrative trappings to focus solely on the pulse-pounding, larger-than-life feats of derring-do that make the action genre so popular with audiences. That's not all Imangi Studios has learned from Hollywood, however. Like any good sequel,Temple Run 2 retains everything fans loved about the original but dials it up multiple levels, delivering a bigger, bolder and ultimately better gameplay experience.

Temple Run 2 swaps out the jungle environment of the previous outing in favor of a mysterious temple floating in the clouds, a change that opens up a host of new moves. Explorer Guy Dangerous isn't just running this time around; he's also flying down zip lines and steering out-of-control mine carts in his efforts to escape the temple dwellers from whom he's stolen a priceless idol. There are also new abilities, power-ups and achievements, but the biggest change is the high-resolution graphics. Every element of Temple Run 2's foreboding, exotic environment pops off the mobile screen--the colors are more vivid, the landscapes are more detailed and the animation is far more fluid. If you're looking for a new and unprecedented mobile gaming experience, look elsewhere, but if you liked Temple Run, rest assured you're gonna love Temple Run 2.