'Tennis in the Face' - Best Android, iOS apps from January 2013


Tennis in the Face


Tennis in the Face 
(Developed by 10tons Ltd.)
Available for: iOS
Price: 99 cents

Tennis in the Face serves up a delightfully demented spin on Angry Birds-type physics puzzlers: Rude, crude and frequently hilarious, it's a whip-smart satire of consumer culture masquerading as a highly addictive mobile game.

Tennis in the Face follows the exploits of Pete Pagassi, a disgraced tennis star who vows revenge against the evil Explodz, an energy drink manufacturer whose addictive beverage holds an entire city in its clutches. Before he can topple the Explodz empire, Pete must run a gauntlet of energy drink fiends ranging from creepy clowns (is there any other kind?) to riot police to bearded, bespectacled hipsters, knocking them out with high-powered tennis serves. You can either hit your enemies straight on or bounce balls off walls, platforms and other assorted obstacles--aim just right, and the ricochet can take down multiple opponents in one fell swoop.

Tennis in the Face's tongue-in-cheek approach to cartoon violence deserves serious praise: Each opponent is sillier than the last, and when a well-aimed tennis ball takes them out of commission, their bodies go as limp as rag dolls. Even better, each level concludes in extreme slow motion, like something out of the climax of a straight-to-video Steven Seagal movie. But don't let Tennis in the Facefool you: Under its snarky surface is a compelling, well-crafted physics game that stands alongside the best the genre has to offer, complete with more than 100 levels and bonus modes. Smart, funny and challenging, Tennis in the Face is the total package.