Thirty Six - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013



6Thirty Six 
(Developed by Glub Tech)
Available for: iOS
Price: $1.99

Image filtering apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic successfully resurrected the look and feel of vintage cameras, but stop short of recapturing the spirit of pre-digital black-and-white photography, when the inherent limitations of film meant that each and every snapshot counted. Thirty Six is an antidote to the anything-goes artlessness inherent in unlimited digital photography: The app doesn't allow you to look at the pictures you snapped until you're ready to "develop" each 36-exposure roll, a decision designed to urge users to slow down and contemplate each shot before they take it. And no, you can't delete photos you don't like, either.

Thirty Six further nurtures your artistic side by eliminating the frills and filters of rival photos apps--if you can't do it in an analog camera, you can't do it here, either. There are a few welcome concessions to contemporary technology, however: In lieu of sizing up a physical contact sheet, Thirty Six lets users touch the photos they want to keep. You also can share your vision of the world with friends via email, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter. Old-school shutterbugs will welcome this development.