Thryve - Best apps of October 2012


6 Thryve
(Developed by Thryve)
Available for: iOS
Price: Free

Eating right is easier said than done. It's about more than understanding that a sleeve of Oreos is not an acceptable breakfast option--it's about identifying a healthy, sensible and balanced diet attuned to each individual lifestyle and nutritional demands. Thryve can help: A mobile food coach that eschews calorie counting in favor of a score-based, interactive approach to dietary recommendations, it's the rare app that could truly improve and possibly even extend your life.

Thryve begins by asking users to input basic information like gender, age and current level of physical activity--from there, you're asked to submit a photo of your next meal, adding key details like ingredients, and after you're finished eating, you click the smiley or sad face that best represents how the meal made you feel. Thryve crunches the data to generate a numerical score for the meal's nutritional value, employing graphs that indicate whether you over or under-indexed on a particular food group, suggesting improvements to boost your score, and even comparing your intake against other app users. It's a remarkably simple but effective approach to healthier eating, made even user-friendlier by Thryve's thoughtful, sophisticated design. You'll feel better simply by downloading it.