'Totem Runner' - Best apps of October 2012


Totem Runner

5Totem Runner
(Developed by Yagoda Production)
Available for: iOS
Price: 99 cents

Totem Runner is the freshest, most unique variation on the endless runner concept to reach the App Store since Temple Run, bolstered by eye-popping visuals that further set the title apart from others in the genre. The title hero is a fearless warrior blessed with mystical powers--as he runs through a lush but ominous forest, breathing new life into the world around him, he must overcome a series of threats by transforming at will into creatures including a rhino, an eagle and even a dragon. It's a storyline that evokes ancient fables and myths, updated with an eco-friendly edge that's hard to miss but never heavy-handed.  

Totem Runner is a compelling game by any measure, but it's also an artistic triumph: The character designs and silhouette-like environments are on par with the animation in big-budget Hollywood features, and the tribal musical backdrop lends additional depth and drama, growing more intense as the action unfolds. If you like endless runners, you'll love this.