Best Apps of July 2012

(Developed by Vyclone)
Available for: iOS 
Price: Free

Social video remains one of the hottest categories of mobile application development: New services are entering the App Store in droves, hoping to enjoy the same success as trailblazers like Socialcam, acquired earlier this month by Autodesk for a cool $60 million. Most of these next-generation social video apps aren't delivering much in the way of compelling new functionality, but Vyclone is different, leveraging GPS to bring together footage of the same event shot by multiple users and create truly panoramic video views.

Imagine an army of Vyclone-equipped iPhones filming a sporting event or live concert, and the app's value and ingenuity become crystal clear: Each user becomes part of a crowdsourced camera crew, shooting different facets of the action from a host of perspectives. Vyclone automatically synchronizes and edits each participant's raw footage, assembling a final cut featuring video from all available angles. Users also can access all the available footage to stitch together their own director's cut, and all videos may be shared via Facebook and Twitter. There's still a long way to go before users start creating mobile videos with the depth and polish of Hollywood blockbusters, but Vyclone represents another significant step towards making every smartphone a miniature movie camera.