Weather - Mobile App Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Our three favorites:

Partly CloudyPartly Cloudy 
(Developed by Raureif)
Available for: iOS
Release: August
Price: $1.99

Partly Cloudy combines modernist design principles with the old-school sensibilities of analog thermostats to convey weather data like temperature, current conditions, precipitation and wind force both numerically and pictorially. Turning its virtual clock forward projects the weather on an hourly basis, projecting most locations as many as seven days ahead. Users can access their hometown conditions or switch between multiple worldwide destinations, with all information is sourced from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. What's remarkable is how Partly Cloudy presents so much content without ever seeming cluttered or overly complex--beyond the simple, intuitive UI, special credit also goes to the Ludwig Übele-designed Helsinki typeface.

Weather DialWeather Dial 
(Developed by David Elgena)
Available for: iOS 
Release: July
Price: 99 cents

Weather Dial (formerly WTHR) is a model of aesthetic elegance and sophistication. Based on Dieter Rams' landmark Ten Principles of Good Design, a manifesto celebrating virtues like innovation, simplicity, utility and sustainability, the app pares meteorological information to its essentials, focusing on cornerstones like the current local conditions, seven-day outlook and Fahrenheit/Celsius options. The gorgeous user interface evokes the classic home thermometer, employing simple line art icons and direct textual statements (e.g., "It's Sunny & 82") to convey fundamental information in the most efficient manner possible. There's not much more to it… which is precisely the point. 

(Developed by OneLouder)|
Available for: Android 
Release: January
Price: Free

Weather information is essential to our daily lives. It's also boring. 1Weather is the proverbial ray of sunshine, a smart and stylish reminder that even the most vanilla content can be repackaged and recontextualized as something lively and engaging. It looks amazing, combining a crisp, clean layout with real-time animated maps and radar as well as designer icons. Users can customize the app to highlight the data most important them, drilling down into weather-nerd insights like dew point, barometric pressure and the UV index. 1Weather also pushes extreme weather alerts and integrating user-generated photos alongside tweets from people in your immediate area.