Weber Grills

Best Apps of July 2012

Weber Grills (Developed by Weber-Stephen Products Co.)
Available for: iOS 
Price: Free

Summertime is synonymous with cooking out, and whether you're grilling over charcoal, gas, wood or even electrical current, the Weber Grills app should be on your iPhone menu. Far more than just a smartphone shill for the company's products, Weber Grills delivers an impressive 75 new recipes each week, spanning dishes from Beer Can Chicken to Cedar-Planked Salmon. Video tutorials drill deep into the subtleties of grilling science, and the app also supplies video, photo and text resources designed to help organize your grocery shopping lists, set up your grill, hone your knife skills, prepare foods and learn how to gauge different levels of doneness.  

The Weber Grills app goes beyond cooking tips to exploit the possibilities of social media, enabling users to share recipes and resources. It also introduces Weber Nation, a new interactive social hub for users to swap stories and photos. You don't need to be a Weber Grill owner to learn a thing or two about grilling--it's the rare corporate-branded app that's very well done.