The Wider Image - Best Android, iOS apps from 2012



The Wider Image 
(Developed by Thomson Reuters)
Available for: iPad
Released: October
Price: Free

The Wider Image signals the birth of a new kind of photojournalism, expanding beyond traditional still images to offer readers an interactive, multimedia-enabled perspective into the headlines shaping today's world.

Developed by news agency Reuters, the Wider Image assembles work from staff photographers across the globe, supplementing each photo with a wealth of contextual information--for example, video clips, panoramic images and before-and-after views, as well as related facts and quotes, maps and audio commentary. In addition to insight on the people and places in each photo, the app touts photographer profiles and commentary, introducing users to the individuals behind the camera as well.

With new photos and stories added each day, the Wider Image is poised to become an invaluable resource for anyone interested in current events--not only do the photos capture far-flung locales most of us will never experience in the flesh, but the iPad's Retina display lends each shot a level of clarity and immediacy that legacy publishing formats like newspapers and magazines simply can't match. Forget the old adage about pictures being worth a thousand words: The Wider Image multiplies that number exponentially.