Winston for iPhone - Best new Android, iOS apps of February 2013


Winston for iPhone

4Winston for iPhone 
(Developed by Reactor Labs)
Available for: iOS 
Price: Free

Winston for iPhone is a newsreader app in the most literal sense: It not only aggregates and curates content from media sites and social platforms, but it also leverages voice assistant technology to narrate the headlines aloud.

After installing Winston, you're asked to select the news categories that interest you and (if you wish) to connect to Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter. From there, the app compiles top stories from across the local, national and worldwide landscape, adding in status updates and tweets from your social graph. Other newsreader apps do much the same thing, of course, but they don't have Winston himself: His vaguely British, occasionally robotic and oddly comforting voice guides your personalized tour through the headlines of the day, like a virtual Walter Cronkite.

Winston briefly launched in sneak-peek mode last August, and its return to the App Store brings a series of new features including a redesigned interface, more efficient access to the original news sources and additional customization options. Winston's vocabulary has also improved in the interim, and while his digital diction is impressively smooth and organic, it isn't quite perfect; for example, he tends to stumble over some surnames, as well as abbreviations and other grammatical quirks. Minor quibbles aside, Winston is a major breakthrough--this is one newsreader app destined to make headlines of its own.