Worst Fitness App: CrossFit workout of the day


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Worst Fitness App:  CrossFit workout of the day
By LOLriffic Stuff
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The CrossFit craze is the latest workout strategy and is designed to dramatically improve a person's fitness level using short intense workouts that combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, weight lifting, kettlebell swings and body weight exercises. The program, which initially was used by police academies, military groups and college sports teams, has grown in popularity and is now taught at more than 4,000 gyms across the country.

One of the basic premises of CrossFit is that the workouts can be scaled to suit people of various fitness levels. CrossFit followers do a WOD, or Workout of the Day, which is posted on a CrossFit web site, and then compete with others by posting their results in the comments.

The interactive nature of CrossFit seems like a perfect fit for a mobile app, right?  If you had access to the workouts on your smartphone you could download the workout quickly, view videos showing others doing the workout, get more information about specific exercises and even use location-based services to find the nearest CrossFit studio. Plus you could post your results in near real-time and also interact with other CrossFit members.

The possibilities for this app seem endless. But in reality, none of those features exist. The app is nearly impossible to navigate, poorly conceived and does nothing more than provide the user with the basic information. It's definitely not an app for CrossFit novices. But it's difficult to see how even an experienced CrossFit competitor could have much use for it.

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