Worst Social Networking App: iPoo



Worst Social Networking App: iPoo
Developed by CeilingHouse
Price: 99 cents

The rise of social networking has spelled the demise of privacy, discretion and good taste. It's bad enough that Facebook and Twitter compel folks to divulge the mind-numbing details of their relationship foibles and parenting escapades, but that's nothing compared to iPoo, which exists expressly to connect users while they're on the toilet.

iPoo dumps users into virtual 'stalls' where they can share the intimate details of their intestinal issues via written messages and graffiti-like drawings--a real-time map aggregates the locations of other users taking care of bathroom business, while a so-called 'poo stream' spews forth photos, drawings and ramblings from across the worldwide iPoo community. The app is also flush with scatological statistics and even features a foursquare-like system that awards badges and points for repeated engagement. It's even sillier and more infantile than it sounds, even by mobile social networking standards. In short, iPoo stinks--even at 99 cents per install, you're just pouring money down the drain.

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