Best Apps of July 2012

(Developed by David Elgena)
Available for: iOS 
Price: 99 cents

WTHR is a model of aesthetic elegance and sophistication--the first weather app as lovely as a summer day. Based on Dieter Rams' landmark Ten Principles of Good Design, a manifesto celebrating virtues like innovation, simplicity, utility and sustainability, WTHR pares meteorological information to its essentials, focusing on cornerstones like the current local conditions, seven-day outlook and Fahrenheit/Celsius options. The gorgeous user interface evokes the classic home thermometer, employing simple line art icons and direct textual statements (e.g., "It's Sunny & 82") to convey fundamental information in the most efficient manner possible. There's not much more to it… which is precisely the point. 

WTHR generated a storm of negative App Store user reviews when it first launched due to a GPS bug; the current version 1.1 solves the problem, and version 2.0, slated to arrive in early August, promises new features including hourly weather projections and full night mode. The forecast calls for WTHR to keep getting better--even if the weather itself doesn't always cooperate.