10 steps to enterprise mobility mastery


It's no secret that the mobile market is transforming the enterprise. Exactly how much so is the subject of a recent article at eWeek, which explores the various degrees to which organizations have implemented a mobility program.

"Initially, many enterprises with mobility programs focused on supporting mainly BlackBerry devices with email and a handful of other apps, typically tightly controlled by internal IT departments," the article notes. "Some enterprises may have a handful of apps, typically for field services that are made available on mobile devices while others do not have apps at all."

But this is changing fast, the article notes. For one thing, a growing number of organizations are looking to empower employees by providing mobile apps and enterprise app stores or offering more apps to customers and business partners.

The article also shares 10 important things that CIOs need to know about enterprise mobility, based on input from Hewlett-Packard. In a nutshell, those 10 things are:

  1. The appetite for mobile apps is insatiable
  2. The typical security response is secure, protect and lock down
  3. Mobile apps should be designed for the user experience
  4. IT pros should take a layered security approach to app design
  5. Mobile often means frequent updates and changes
  6. Quality should not suffer due to speed in development
  7. Start with keeping user needs in mind
  8. Future-proof your strategy
  9. The CIO should act as chief innovation officer
  10. Take a no compromise approach

For more:
- check out the eWeek article

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