Amazon widens GameCircle integration to all Android devices


Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is extending support for its free GameCircle social gaming platform to all devices running Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android.

Amazon GameCircle

Amazon brings GameCircle to all Android devices.

GameCircle, launched one year ago for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, enables players to track trophies, treasures, badges and awards without exiting the gaming experience. Users can receive in-game messages to keep track of their accomplishments in real time--they can also pause a title to view an achievements summary that identifies which badges they must still collect before returning to gameplay. GameCircle also supports leaderboards providing in-game score comparisons and percentile rankings, allowing players to measure their progress against other gamers without leaving a title.

In tandem with the GameCircle expansion, Amazon is bolstering its cloud-based WhisperSync content synchronization technology. The service now automatically resolves data conflicts between mobile devices and the cloud, and queues updates to support offline operation. "The result: Your customers' game data will automatically sync across devices--even if they play your game while temporarily offline--and you can concentrate on using the data instead of persisting it," writes GameCircle Technical Evangelist Peter Heinrich on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution blog. "You're not locked in, though; you retain ownership and can always get a copy of the data you store. We also give you flexibility when it comes to GameCircle display options, with no intrusive splash screen and configurable notification toasts. You're in control and choose where they appear."

The GameCircle APIs are integrated into the Amazon Mobile App SDK, available for download here.

The GameCircle expansion follows weeks after Google launched its own Google Play Game Services, designed to compete with the Amazon platform as well as Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) Game Center for iOS. Google Play Game Services also allows players to store game progress in the cloud and supports cross-device achievements and leaderboards, as well as multiplayer games via Google+ accounts.

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