Americans now consume more media on mobile devices than TV, PCs


Americans now spend an average of nine hours per day consuming media content, with more of that time spent on mobile devices than any other platform, according to a new study conducted by OnDevice Research on behalf of mobile ad network InMobi.

U.S. consumers devote an average of 2.4 hours per day to mobile media activities like search and Web browsing, ahead of television (2.35 hours) and the desktop (1.6 hours). Sixty-five percent of respondents said they prefer mobile to other media channels because "it's easy to use," and 56 percent favor mobile because their device is always with them. Seventy-seven percent of respondents access mobile media services while lying in bed--70 percent multitask on mobile while watching TV, and 65 percent kill time while waiting for something.

InMobi notes those findings correlate with data indicating the most mobile usage takes place during the early morning and early evening hours corresponding with daily commutes to work and school. Mobile media consumption is also strong during primetime TV hours. The report adds that women typically access their mobile device more frequently than men--in particular, 84 percent of females use their phone or tablet in bed, compared to 70 percent of males, and 40 percent of women rely on their devices while shopping, as opposed to 26 percent of men.

The time U.S. subscribers devote to mobile media consumption is also impacting their responsiveness to mobile advertising. Fifty-nine percent of respondents said they are influenced by mobile promotions, ahead of television ads at 57 percent. Fifty-three percent said they've been introduced to new products and services via mobile, and 21 percent have purchased goods directly on their device.  

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