Android fragmentation galvanizes app testing industry


DroidMateWhile app testing across all platforms is usually seen as critical to growing and maintaining a loyal user base, a cottage industry is springing up around Google Android testing, spearheaded by relatively established services like AppThwack and TestDroid, as well as new offerings like TestFlight, which came to Android in a private beta last week. The National Institute of Standards and Technology, meanwhile, recently discussed how it is testing commercial Android apps to systematically find security flaws and other issues.

"Android, without question, has the most diverse ecosystem of any phone OS ever," said AppThwack co-founder Trent Peterson. "There are multiple levels to consider: hardware, base OS version, OEM OS modifications, carrier OS modifications, and finally carrier networks and the end-users' environment. There's also a growing number of users that choose not to upgrade for one reason or another, meaning developers that want to cover the large majority of the market have to test a long-tail of various hardware versions running older OS versions." Feature