Android gains popularity in transport, healthcare, telecom industries


Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android is gaining in popularity in the enterprise, fueled by its increasing use in the transportation, healthcare and telecom services industries, according to the latest Zenprise Mobile Device Management Cloud Report.

Android increased its share of global enterprise enrollments by 2 percent, reaching 37 percent of total enrollments, while Apple's (NASDAQ: Apple) iOS dropped 2 percent to 56 percent of enrollments, according to the quarterly survey of aggregated data from Zencloud customers.

Android's popularity in the transportation, healthcare and telecom services industries supports the market perception that Android devices are better suited for field use because they are less expensive, allow more device control options, and are applicable across more hardware platforms, according to the Zenprise report.

By contrast, iOS remains popular in the education, energy, legal, real estate and insurance industries, the report found.

Mobile app deployment remains high, with more than 100 third-party apps in the Zencloud enterprise app catalog. Oil and gas, transportation, and utilities are making the largest number of apps available to users.

Zenprise customers continue to deploy mobile policies associated with protecting data and line-of-business initiatives. The passcode remains the most commonly deployed policy at 62 percent, up from 54 percent last quarter, followed by GPS, with the most dramatic increase, at 39 percent, up from 24 percent.

Not all line-of-business-type policies saw an increase, according to the report. Restrictions of device resources or apps (such as the device Google Play, the device camera, or Bluetooth) decreased from 34 percent last quarter to 29 percent.

The increasing popularity of Android devices among enterprises is surprising, given its poor security reputation. Apparently, its lower price and greater flexibility in relation to iOS overrides security concerns in certain industries.

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