Android Jelly Bean update blocks IBM Notes users from email, calendar


A recent upgrade to the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean has thrown Android users of IBM's Notes off of their corporate email and calendar applications, according to a report by IDG News Service.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) said it plans to issue fixes to deal with the problem, which results in Android users being unable to access their email and calendar applications on Notes (until last month known as Lotus Notes).

When users with an Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system try to open their email client, they receive a message that says: "As a result of an update to Lotus Traveler, your local data has been removed and will be replaced during the next sync." The sync does return the data, but a few hours later the problem reoccurs and opening the mail application returns the message, "There is no mail in this folder," according to the IDG report.

IBM stressed that the information has not been lost but continues to reside on the Notes server and is accessible using a desktop client or mobile web interface.

For tablets running the operating system, users encounter grayed out "send" and "save" boxes. But all they have to do is turn their tablets "through 90 degrees" the report said.

"The minor bugs popped up as a result of the new OS mid-last week, and we immediately resolved the problem and built a fix available for clients," Karen Lilla, a spokeswoman for IBM in Boston, told IDG.

"On Tuesday, December 11, IBM will release Traveler 8.3.1 UP2 which will include the fix. The fixes are applied to the Traveler server and through our auto client update feature, they will be distributed to end users. The end-user simply needs to accept/apply the update when it shows up on their device," Lilla added.

In the meantime, IT departments can find a fix at IBM's Fixcentral site or by calling IBM's helpline at 1-800-426-7378.

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