App Store project starts triple following iPad frenzy


Developers initiated more than 1,600 new iPhone OS application projects in January according to cross-platform mobile application analytics provider Flurry, almost tripling December 2009 totals and representing the largest single-month spike on record. Flurry believes that Apple's forthcoming iPad tablet is behind the renewed developer interest, contending that coders who customize their applications for the iPad now may enjoy a greater opportunity to stand out early and generate more downloads. Although Android projects starts are also growing, averaging roughly 25 percent month-over-month during the second half of 2009, Flurry adds that the number of new Android apps in the pipeline dipped following the iPad announcement.

While developer interest in the two platforms waxes and wanes, Flurry reports that consumer loyalty and engagement metrics across the largest application categories on iPhone and Android are roughly equal. Retention curves between aggregated iPhone and Android applications were nearly identical--according to Flurry, Android handsets are now capturing a more mainstream audience similar to the iPhone, adding that Android devices have improved in regards to usability and processing power. In addition, about 20 percent of developers are now creating both iPhone and Android versions of the same application. In regards to session frequency and session length, Flurry again identified little variance between iPhone and Android, concluding that mobile applications have now reached the stage where they perform similarly across platforms.

For more on the iPhone/Android study:
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