Appboy, Flurry, Kii boost app retention via customer segmentation


Flurry - Customer ProfilesDevelopers must no longer view customers as part of the overall mass market--new tools are helping them target help individuals with unique needs, expectations, tastes and potential for engagement. This is mobile app audience segmentation, and it's an industry segment that's likely to mature significantly in the next few years.

Just last month, for example, New York-based Appboy quietly launched an audience segmentation product that it said could assist developers in creating more relevant and responsive communications to consumers. The company's platform collects a variety of data points including social media-related information, such as number of followers on Twitter and Facebook or Klout scores, along with how often they've used an app, how long they've stayed active and other actions they perform. This data helps developers to create segments such as "high spenders," "passionate fans" or, on the negative side, "recently lapsed users."

"People are losing their customers in droves," said Cezary Pietrzak, Appboy's director of marketing. "You can't just focus on [customer] acquisitions. If you get 1,000 users but the actual number of people who stay and use the app is only one tenth of that, you've got a problem." Feature