Apple adding food and drink category to the App Store


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is adding a new Food & Drink category to its App Store, helping iOS device users more efficiently target applications related to cooking and dining.

According to an email sent by Apple to relevant iOS developers, the Food & Drink category will spotlight iPhone and iPad apps designed to help consumers cook and bake, mix cocktails, manage recipes, locate restaurants and bars and learn what their friends like to eat and drink. Apple will not include apps optimized for dieting, grocery shopping or coupon clipping; in addition, food-themed mobile games will remain in the App Store's designated Games category.

Apple plans to migrate all relevant apps to the Food & Drink category by July 8. Developers have until that date to opt out of the switch and retain their app's existing category tag. Developers also can edit an app's category designation when creating a new version of the software.

The App Store now offers more than 650,000 iOS apps, including 225,000 designed for the iPad; consumers have now downloaded more than 30 billion apps in all, with developer payouts exceeding $5 billion. The new Food & Drink category is not the only change coming to the storefront: In recent weeks, multiple iOS developers have reported tweaks to App Store search protocols, suggesting Apple is now generating query results emphasizing metrics like relevancy and user ratings over app names and keywords.  

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