Apple approves Skyfire's Flash-enabled iPhone browser


Mobile web solutions developer Skyfire will issue its Flash Video-enabled browser for the iPhone on Nov. 4, allowing consumers to finally run Flash-based content on their iOS-based smartphones. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has given its official App Store blessing to the Skyfire browser, which works around iOS restrictions on the Flash runtime by translating video content in the HTML5 web standard--the browser (priced at $2.99) then displays a thumbnail that iPhone users can click to stream the clip from Skyfire's servers. "We will attack those pesky blue Flash error messages," Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck tells

Skyfire first submitted the browser for App Store approval on Sept. 1--last month, the firm said it made several minor adjustments to the software in response to Apple submission feedback, with a focus on meeting all guidelines related to HTML5 video streaming. The startup notes Skyfire for iPhone was built in accordance with Apple guidelines, leveraging a WebKit browser core shared with Safari as well as h.264 adaptive streaming. Skyfire adds its SkyBar technology includes three features absent from rival iPhone browsers: Its Video icon enables users to view millions of Flash videos otherwise unavailable on iOS-based devices, an Explore icon recommends content (news, video and tweets) directly related to the current pageview, and a Share icon enables users to forward any article or video via email, Facebook or Twitter.

While Apple has consistently stated it will not support Flash-based web content on devices running the iOS operating system, in September the computing giant eased restrictions on iOS developers, enabling them to design and build apps in Flash, then convert their efforts to Apple-approved code.

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