Apple to expand iOS app development program globally


Apple announced plans Thursday to open iOS App Development Centers around the globe, following the opening of its latest center in Europe.

The center, opened in Italy this week, will help developers gain the skills needed to prosper in the "app economy," or the economic space surrounding Apple's App Store.

The iOS app economy has helped add 1.2 million jobs to Europe, including app creators, software engineers and entrepreneurs building iOS apps, according to research by the Progressive Policy Institute.

Whether Apple's plans to expand the iOS App Development Center program to the United States remains to be seen, though the same researchers at PPI estimated earlier this month that the U.S. iOS app ecosystem employs 1.4 million people.

The new center will be based at a partner institution in Naples, Italy, and look to support teachers with a special curriculum to prepare "thousands" of potential developers. It seems like the company will also work to provide some kind of internship or similar program to accompany lessons.

"In addition, Apple will work with partners around Italy who deliver developer training to complement this curriculum and create additional opportunities for students," read the press release.

This move certainly follows from what Apple has done recently to make its iOS platform more accessible for developers.

The company open sourced iOS's proprietary Swift language in December to add more developers to its ecosystem and give them a greater understanding of how the language works.

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