Apple makes iWork available for iPhone, iPad; WHO: Cell phones may increase cancer risk;


> Apple's iWork system of productivity apps--including Keynote, Pages and Numbers--is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Initially designed for Apple's Mac computers, Apple brought iWork to the iPad early last year. With today's announcement, the software is now available on the company's full line of Mac and iOS-based devices. Article (FierceMobileContent)
> While both smartphones and their apps are evolving at an exponential rate, medical malpractice case law simply is not. Without significant precedent-setting cases in this area, the legal risk is more than a bit uncertain, and may be for some time to come. Article (FierceMobileHealthcare)
> Prolonged use of cell phones may increase users' risk of developing certain types of cancers, according to the results of a study released Tuesday by a body of the World Health Organization. Critics of the study, including a wireless industry lobby group, immediately questioned the results and noted that the same group has previously warned about the cancer risks of coffee and pickles. Article (InformationWeek)

And Finally... George Colony, the chairman and CEO of research firm Forrester, called Google's upcoming Chromebook "one of the greatest acts of corporate idiocy that I've ever seen." Article (FierceCIO:TechWatch)