Apple makes Maps improvements, but consumer complaints persist


While a list of recent Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps improvements obtained by The Loop indicates the company is continuing its efforts to improve the much-maligned platform, users were quick to respond with a flood of complaints--suggesting Apple still has significant work ahead.

According to The Loop, Apple Maps has in recent weeks added flyover support for more than a dozen cities worldwide, including Baltimore, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Canada and Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, Apple has expanded flyover coverage in locations like Boston, Houston, Toronto, London, Rome and Berlin and updated 3D buildings for standard view and turn-by-turn navigation across a number of major European cities.

Apple also has paid special attention to China, one of its biggest markets. Maps improvements for Chinese users include a new coloring scheme, a new Chinese character font for improved readability, re-prioritized locations displaying more relevant sites and data first, and an updated road network.

Apple has additionally updated city labels and satellite imagery in a number of countries and improved location information for Apple Stores, businesses, movie theaters, restaurants, airports and transit stops.

Apple Maps launched last year in association as a replacement for Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Maps. Consumers have been harshly critical of Apple Maps, identifying dozens of inaccuracies, and the outcry even prompted a public apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who later said the company is "putting all of our energy into making [Maps] right."

Responses to The Loop article suggest the new improvements have done little to quell consumer frustration with Apple Maps, however. "Updated with flyover in Minneapolis, sure, but still overfilled with geographic errors that were reported half a year ago," reads one response. "All the closed hospitals in St. Paul shown as still open, for example, and other functioning hospitals not on the map." Another reader adds "Meanwhile, 'Auckland Station' in Auckland, New Zealand, is still in the middle of the harbour," with still another venting "It would also be great if I was searching for a KFC while standing in front of one and Apple maps didn't tell me the closest one is 7 miles away."

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