Apple open sources Swift Benchmarking Suite for app developers


Apple announced this week that its Swift Benchmarking Suite is now open source and ready for developers who want to track performance of their iOS, WatchOS and OS X applications written in the Swift programming language.

Apple open sourced the Swift language in December, which had been proprietary since its launch in late 2014. Swift is the 16th most used programming language among developers, up from 27th a year ago, according to the TIOBE Index. Swift's high standing among developers is surprising given that it is intended for only one company's products.

According to the Swift blog post, benchmarks, libraries and utilities source codes are now open to developers in hopes of helping them monitor their Swift apps and catch regressions – or software bugs – before they become a problem.

Specifically in the Benchmarking Suite are 75 benchmarks "covering a number of important Swift workloads libraries providing commonly needed benchmarking functions, a driver for running benchmarks and displaying performance metrics and a utility for comparing benchmark metrics across Swift versions," wrote blog author Luke Larson.

Additionally, the post gave instructions to developers building or running benchmarks and those contributing to or improving upon benchmarks. Contributors should run the Swift benchmark on changes to make sure there are no regressions, and according to Larson, support for Swift's continuous integration system is coming in the future.

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- read the Swift blog post

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