Apple plugs more than 100 flaws in its latest iOS security update


Apple has issued a security update for iOS 9 that plugs more than a hundred security flaws in the mobile operating system.

The security update fixes a broad range of security vulnerabilities in iOS, including more than 30 flaws in WebKit alone. WebKit is a Web browser engine used by Safari, App Store, and other iOS, OS X and Linux applications.

As an example, Apple fixed a number of memory corruption vulnerabilities in WebKit that could have enabled an attacker to carry out an arbitrary code execution if the user visited a malicious website.

In addition, Apple plugged a security hole in Kernel that could enable a local user to cause a system denial of service.

Apple also fixed a security vulnerability in Apple Pay that could allow an attacker to retrieve recent transaction information through the transaction log functionality.

For a full list of fixes, see Apple's security updates page.

Separately, The Guardian reported that the latest update to iOS 9 is disabling iPhones if it detects a repair that has been carried out by a non-Apple technician.

The so-called "Error 53" issue is affecting iPhone 6s where the home button, which has touch ID fingerprint recognition, has been repaired by a "non-official" company or individual. The phone is rendered useless and photos and data are lost, the newspaper reported.

In a statement, Apple explained that the Error 53 feature is intended to protect the security of the touch ID sensor.

For more:
- check out Apple's security updates page
- read The Guardian article

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