Apple takes top spot in app downloads, but Android is rising fast


The creation of apps is important to helping mobile platforms succeed in the BYOD market. Consumers who end up bringing their devices to work choose their smartphones and tablets based substantially on what apps are available.

In that arena, Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS is the leader in app downloads , but Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android is showing strong growth, a trend that is reflected in the growing use of Android in the enterprise.

In October, iOS App store revenue was four times larger than that of Google Play. However, Google Play revenue grew 311 percent for the year-to-date, compared to iOS revenue, which grew a modest 12.9 percent, according to the recently launched App Annie Index.  

"The gap between global revenue on iOS and Google Play is still there, but the gap is shrinking every month, creating more opportunities for publishers to generate significant revenue growth in several countries on Google Play," observed Bertrand Schmitt, chief executive officer of App Annie.

The index also found that Japan has overtaken the U.S. in Google Play revenue, marking the first time the U.S. did not rank number one for Google Play revenue.

But on iOS apps, revenue in Japan is well behind that of the U.S.--14.4 percent compared to 32.7 percent, respectively. However, Japan is catching up, with the country taking an increasingly larger share of global revenue and the U.S. taking an increasingly smaller share.

On Google Play, Korea now stands as the nation driving the most free downloads behind the U.S., eclipsing download volumes in Japan by nearly two times. India is also starting to show its distribution strength, coming in at third place, ahead of Japan, and accounting for 6.2 percent of global free downloads.

"What has become clear from App Annie's first Index is that while iOS took home most of the global revenue pie in October, the rising adoption of Google Play in Asian markets, including South Korea and Japan, is already driving major revenue growth opportunities on the platform," concluded Schmitt.

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