AppMobi launches cross-platform app store analytics for HTML5, PhoneGap


AppMobi introduced storeView, a free, cloud-based reporting service that offers hybrid HTML5 and PhoneGap developers aggregated cross-platform app store analytics data.

According to appMobi, mobile application storefronts like Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play and Amazon Appstore for Android all rely on different methods for reporting sales and usage, complicating developers' efforts to track app performance and trends. The storeView service tackles the challenge by compiling and displaying live, detailed analytics across app stores in a single dashboard view--available data includes monthly uniques on all platforms, iOS starts by device, Android starts by device, app starts by platform, and 30-day uniques vs. app starts.

Developers can add storeView by integrating a single "include file" and one line of JavaScript code to their app. AppMobi notes that it does not charge developers for setting up an account or adding apps to the system. Developers can sign up here.

AppMobi opened the source code behind its HTML5 technologies late last year to accelerate the mobile industry's transition to the HTML5 standard. Included in the source code: appMobi's DirectCanvas solution, which accelerates processing speeds to more quickly render HTML5 game graphics, as well as MobiUs, a mobile web app browser developed expressly to run applications written in HTML5.

Last month, appMobi launched HTML5-based game Boom Town simultaneously across the iOS, Android and Facebook platforms. The Wild West-themed title--built on appMobi's playMobi cross-platform development, deployment and monetization services--leverages the firm's appSync cloud storage solution to make in-progress games and achievements available across any supported platform. Deep Facebook integration also enables single sign-in, viral invites and gameplay updates. AppMobi adds that the introduction of Boom Town alerted the company to the complexities of app store fragmentation and prompted its decision to expand storeView from an in-house tool to wide release.  

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