AppMobi launches MobiUs mobile web app browser


Mobile software development platform provider appMobi unveiled MobiUs, a mobile web app browser developed expressly to run applications written in HTML5.

According to appMobi, MobiUs works as a standalone browser or it can power web apps and mobile websites, promising the same look, feel and capabilities as native mobile apps. Highlights include in-app access to hardware features like gravity sensing, accelerometer, GPS, camera, sound and vibrations. MobiUs also touts web-based Push notifications, built-in e-commerce capabilities (enabled by appMobi's 1Touch digital wallet technology), mobile-optimized tabbed browsing, fullscreen browsing and orientation locking.

MobiUs integrates APIs from the open-source PhoneGap framework (recently recommended by Facebook as a preferred method for building mobile apps for its Facebook Platform). AppMobi also embedded its own DirectCanvas HTML5 game acceleration technology, and supports HTML5 Offline Caching, enabling consumers to run apps even when device connectivity is unavailable. To invoke MobiUs, mobile app developers add an HTML tag to their web app hyperlinks, allowing app to run across any mobile browser--MobiUs is available now for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, and it will expand to Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android in early 2012.

Earlier this month, appMobi released its free PhoneGap Mobile App XDK toolset, offering a suite of desktop development tools for creating mobile, HTML5 and PhoneGap-based apps. Features include debugging of mobile apps, emulation of mobile devices, hardware emulation of GPS, camera, contacts and accelerometer inputs and remote testing options. The XDK integrates with Adobe DreamWeaver 5.5, NotePad++ and other programming editor tools--developers may also add support for in-app payments, push messaging, user analytics and live app updates.

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