Are tablets a productivity enhancer or a distraction?


The introduction of iPads in 2010 sparked an explosion of tablets--both employee and corporate owned--in the enterprise. According to estimates by Forrester Research, 120 million tablets will be sold to businesses in 2016.

But are all those tablets improving productivity or just a flashy distraction for employees? Well, according to a recent poll by CDW, 84 percent of respondents said their tablets make them better multi-taskers and the average user gained 1.1 hours in daily productivity by using the devices.

CDW surveyed 610 professionals at businesses, healthcare organizations, higher education institutions and government agencies to determine the role of tablets in the workplace and how they impact productivity.

The survey found that 59 percent of users said they owned their devices, while one-third said the tablet is company owned, and 7 percent claimed dual ownership.

Respondents said that they spend on average 2.1 hours per day on their tablet for work, and spend 26 percent of their total computing time on their tablet. They particularly like using their tablets for email, scheduling and note taking.

They like tablets because they provide information on the go. They also make work more enjoyable and enhance collaboration with coworkers, the respondents noted.

CDW even asked respondents what their astrological signs were and made observations about tablet use based on those signs. Not sure how useful that last question was, but I note that under my sign, I must have email management on my tablet. What's your tablet sign? - Fred