AT&T rolls out push-to-talk app for Apple's iPhone


AT&T Mobility introduced its Enhanced Push-to-Talk application for Apple's iOS, enabling the carrier's business customers to stay in constant contact with colleagues via the iPhone 5 and legacy iPhone 4S.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk--the first PTT application introduced for the iPhone by a U.S. operator--allows users to access mobile apps while talking over the PTT network, also promising faster connection times than rival PTT solutions. AT&T additionally touts support for large contact lists and groups, as well as integration with field force automation, fleet management, dispatching, GPS tracking and other business apps. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk may also be used over Wi-Fi, giving customers improved in-building coverage.

AT&T will leverage PTT capabilities for iPhone to win business customers left stranded by the shutdown of Sprint Nextel's iDEN network, which will terminate services at the end of this month. Release